The Call #7 - The Calling of John

The calling of John is a call to identify - not action. The calling of John is not a call to do something, but instead a call to be someone - someone loved by God, someone who understands what it means to be called God's child. Listen to this week's message of Hope and receive a fresh revelation of God's love and care for you today.

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The Call #5 - The Call of Jezebel

In part 5 of our series: The Call, after looking at how prophets and Kings realise that God is calling to them, and how they responded to that Call - today we are going to pause and look in a different direction

This session is a warning about another kind of voice that we hear calling us - this voice is not trying to draw us towards God - in fact it is trying to do the exact opposite:

This voice is trying to block our ears to the call of God,

It wants to distract us from our call, deceive us into believing lies that undermine our faith and discourage us to the point that we give up on our call

This is the voice of Jezebel and those spiritual forces that are opposed to the Kingdom of God

We're going to learn how to identify and ignore the Call of Jezebel

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The Call #2 - The Calling of Saul

The Story of Saul is a one of the saddest the in the bible - it is the story of how a person, who was so full of potential, was called by god, anointed and appointed by God to a great calling… and eventually loses everything God had originally destined for him and his family. He throws it all away through bad choice after bad choice.   In this weeks message from our new series The Call, Pastor Mark analyses Sauls failing and explains the four keys we can use to guard ourselves and our calling from a similar fate.   If you value the call God has placed on your life, you can’t afford to miss this weeks message from Hope.

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The Call #1 - The Calling of Samuel

God's plan for redemption is based on His calling us and our response. When we are saved, we respond to the Gospel call then as we walk out our faith, God calls us, again and again. He calls us to move - to become more Holy, to pursue him, and to answer the call to serve him. In this series, we are going to the studying the idea of the The Call of God on our lives. 

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