Biblical leadership training

If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. 
Romans 12:8 NLT


Leadership is one of the spiritual gifts Paul lists in Romans 12, and it is essential for anyone who is called to be a leader in the kingdom to diligently work to improve their leadership skills and ability. Just as we expect the worship team to rehearse and practice and so improve their practical skills, the same is true for leadership (and its close friend administration 1 Cor 12:28).

In many cases, today's church is hampered and less effective than it could be because her leaders have not been trained to be leaders. Theology training at bible college or management training in the business world do not adequately equip you for the responsibility of leading your church or ministry. The Church Leaders Inner Circle (CLIC Network) exists to help you.

  • Our Mission is to develop the leaders the church needs for today and tomorrow.
  • Our Vision is for church leaders in every nation to support, mentor, coach and train each other.

Founded by Hope Church's Lead Pastor Mark Faithfull, CLIC provides leadership training, mentoring and workshops for churches around the world.

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